“ Param Dharm ”

Param Dharm is the Solution of Escapism

People have despairs in them in many forms. Their hope is not strong enough to overcome these despairs . They feel defeated in front of them. Then people become victims of mental disorders and stuff their mind with depressed thoughts, loose their faith on the fact that happiness will be their by accepting the right path and then only they choose the wrong path. All persons want to be good, but didn’t get assurance that they will remain happy by choosing the good path . Nobody will ever take any kind of bribe on any condition if he believes completely that his present and future life will be full of happiness without a huge bank balance. ‘There will not be any kind of lack of necessary luxuries, happiness, love and anything if he doesn’t take bribe ’ – only due to lack of this assurance , he takes bribe.

Not even a single person will be so much hungry of money and fame, if he gets the confidence that people will truly love him without his fake prestige, treat him with honour, and will not make fun of him.

Nobody will ever take drugs if doesn’t loose himself infront of the conflicts of reality. He will never want to escape from reality by using drugs , If he gets the hope and suggestion that he can get rid of problems and can get pleasure by advancing on the right path. Only by accepting defeat against problems and pain , one takes drugs to forget them .

“Param Dharm” gives the firm courage that by advancing the life according to it, there will be happiness in present and future. There is no need to adopt a wrong path for getting fame. According to “Param Dharm” life is full of joy. There is no problem, no weakness , no fear. “Param Dharm” teaches the person, the beautiful art of living. All the despairs and problems inside the person looses infront of the assurance of “Param Dharm”, that leads the person to live a tension free and blissful life.