“ Param Dharm ”

Param Dharm will bring the Satyug on the Earth

It would be no exaggeration to say kalyug , the era of discord. There are only anguish, pain and mental agony pervaded all around. Even the nature is sobbing. God have also gone upset due to the echo of this sobbing. They could not bear the sufferings of their children.

Living beings have forgotten love. Even creatures are pitching into on each other as a devourer. There is panic and terrorism all around.

It is also safe to say that kalyug is the age of money, where goodness is dominated by evil. The man of this era is using his full strength and time to save money. He is thinking that he will receive full pleasure and superiority by collecting money. Still he doesn’t get a little delight and comfort even after putting his whole life in saving money. In the race of money, people are even forgetting their relationships. Love and affection for each other is finished. Human is even destroying the trees and plants kingdom just for his desire of construction. The sweet and fresh water of the rivers have been very much polluted and desecrated. Even the man of this age has so much fallen that billions of billions of miles away the sun is also weeping. Its ozone layer has broken. Due to this, the life on earth has come into danger. The chirping of birds from the sky has vanished. The creatures in rivers and seas are dyeing out. Human is behaving and acting in such a manner that he has put not only his life but also the life on earth into crisis.

Man is ending the love between the children by throwing them into the obscurity of competition to make them superior. Competition is the end of love and the beginning of hatred. When a person, disturbed by all these conditions, goes to the supremos of spirituality (preachers), they burdened him under the load of mantra and rituals. The person doesn’t get any simple and better way of living the life by their complicated preaches. They destroys his live by the mesh of thoughts and ritual knowledge­­ (which is spiritualism according to them).

Seeing the worst condition of the earth, the nature and human life, the god has been really sad. They send the param amrit through the “Param Dharm”. If a living being accepts even only one Param Amrit of the “Param Dharm”, his life becomes excellent and he moves away from the darkness of kaliyug. The awful obscurity of kaliyug is being driven away by the kalash filled with Param Amrit (“Param Dharm” Mahagranth). The “Param Dharm” has declared the arrival of satyug means the arrival of heaven on earth.

Satyug (heaven) is only few steps away. But now it is our responsibility to disseminate the “Param Dharm” mahagranth everywhere in the world, so that world may be illuminated by the divine light of “Param Dharm”.

“Param Dharm” is the sea of love. Listening the ‘Path’ of “Param Dharm”, the nature becomes cheerful and pleasant. The golden age has started on the earth and its light and incense will soon spread all over the world.

If pregnant women listen the ‘Path’ of “Param Dharm”, they will give birth to great and supernatural babies. All the filth of the children gets away from their inside and their life becomes bright and clear. These children become true warriors . “Param Dharm” make the person, a great man.

The language of “Param Dharm” Mahagranth is so easy that even simply literate children can read, understand and accept it.

Let us all establish the “Param Dharm” to remove the darkness of Kaliyug. Let us make the earth as beautiful as the heaven.