“ Param Dharm ”

River of Sugar Syrup

There was a very long and deep sugar syrup river which was so sweet and so delicious that a person wouldn't stop drinking it after tasting it only once. Once a father sent his children in a boat for a trip to the sugar syrup river and asked them to taste it as per the need. Children thought that if the little bit of sugar syrup tasted was so delicious, then how wonderful would it be to live in the river and they jumped into the river and stuck in it. Father on seeing this, sent many boats one by one but children, because of their greed towards sugar syrup, didn't sit on them.

This time the father surged the river before sending the boat into it. When the impacts of long and high waves began to hit the children then they cried of pain and remembered their father. After that when the father sent the next boat, they sat on it and came back to him.

Exactly in the same way God has sent their children in the world but the children get indulged in their selfish deeds. God, time to time, sends boat in the form of dharm. God, knows that the children will not sit in the boat that is in the form of dharm. Therefore disturbance has been created in the world. People are suffering from all kinds of problems. Impacts of sufferings are becoming unbearable for them. Therefore when the God is remebered by the distressed people, He has sent them a boat in the form of "PARAM DHARM" and asked them to come to Him by sitting on the boat. Today people are surrounded by all kinds of problems. They are suffering from all kinds of physical and mental disorders. Every moment of people is full of distress. Wriggled people are trying to find out solutions of their problems at every place. They are becoming disappointed after dumping their legs and feet. Now the time has changed. "PARAM DHARM" has come on the earth.

"PARAM DHARM" is the simplest way of mukti. All mental disorders vanishes after listening its 'paath'. The place where 'paath' of "PARAM DHARM" is listened, becomes pleasant and full of joy."PARAM DHARM" takes the life to purity, serenity and excellence. How a person will face impacts after sitting in a boat?