“ Param Dharm ”

Param Dharm gives Relief from Fear and Despair

Toady there is a lot of despairs all around. Every person is submerged in it. These despairs are getting deepened and capturing humans, so that people can't even understand that their present problem is just because of their hopelessness.

For instance, there is a problem in people specially children that they are afraid of dark generally when they are alone.Usually it is taken as a fear of ghosts and children are made to believe that there is no such thing like ghosts. The root cause in this problem is despair of loneliness. Now a days children usually face this kind of problem because their upbringing is not done in joint families. A child, nurtured in beautiful atmosphere in a joint family, feels safety in any condition. On facing any difficulty , he gets love and affection from his mother & father, aunt & uncle, grandmother & grandfather and other relatives . watches other people working together on any problem that comes at any time. If gets upset on being scolded at home, persuaded by others (relatives). The child that is brought up in this kind of atmosphere is full of love and bravery. The idea, that no one will be there for him on facing any difficulty, is not evolved in his mind.

But today joint family is merely a dream, children don't get full support from their parents. Many times parents get disturbed on some problems. They don't pay attention to their children because of their own tensions, sometimes scold them, and not persuade them for a while. In this time they get burdened by despair of loneliness. After that this disappointment is not released inspite of all efforts. Today children get distressed because of busy schedule of their parents and in the end they get detached from them at emotional level. But "PARAM DHARM" has its solution.