“ Param Dharm ”

Positive Energy Waves

“Param Dharm” is a divine Mahagranth. God themselves habitat in it. Amazing soul power is originated by the recitation of “Param Dharm”. This generates supreme positive energy waves. The recital of “Param Dharm” gets completely filled with positive energy waves. It develops a divine and super natural attraction in his personality. Filled with these holy energy waves when he does any type of work, finds success definitely. All negative thoughts of his mind get away. That is why doing any work becomes so easy for him. Due to increase of positive soul power in his speech everyone is impressed by his conversation and attracts towards him. The person gets filled with self confidence and innately achieves success in all his tasks.

Positive energy waves exist in the place at which ‘Sthapna’ & recitation of “Param Dharm” happens and all negative energies escape away from that house & place. The persons living at that place becomes healthy. Serious and incurable diseases also recover due to influence of “Param Dharm”. Declinatory energy waves due to any of ‘Sthan Dosh’, ‘Vastu Dosh’ or ‘Bhagya Dosh’ escape off leaving the person’s body, mind &house.

Merely the listening of “Param Dharm” gives excellent positive thinking. The positive powers of that place fight and destroy the negative powers of the person. The healing of physical and mental diseases gets start.

Despite of the astonishing impression of “Param Dharm” it is most difficult to take the first step inclined towards “Param Dharm”. Because all negative powers of the person know that they will have to run off due to “Param Dharm”, so they use all their force to keep the person away from “Param Dharm”. Although God will inspire the people whom they find better to come close to “Param Dharm”. God themselves ordered their children to go and rescue their other children from sufferings of negative powers and give them advantage of “Param Dharm”.

A person immediately feels a good change in his life if he cooperates in the holy act of “Param Dharm” according to the order of God and the positive energy generated by it helps him to come close to “Param Dharm”.