“ Param Dharm ”

Param Dharm Mahamantra

Mantra transforms the mind by resonating it.

Mantra = man + tra

Man = mind (system of five senses)

Tra = sat, raj, tam (satogun, rajogun, tamogun)

Mantra = which removes all the evils of human senses by directing it to satogun from tamogun.

Mahamantra = mahamantra is that mantra which spreads happiness in nature, increases, love among human beings and make them excellent.

“Param Dharm” is mahamantra given by the god. By reciting, hearing and contemplating, the “Param Dharm” gives happiness and excellence to living beings and removes all miseries. By accepting the “Param Dharm”, a being gets all pleasures of life and finally merges into the god.

“Param Dharm” is the mantra of simplest gloss in which the person doesn’t make any mistake in pronunciation and quickly gets advantage. “Param Dharm” is the supernatural and divine power sent by the god. This mahamantra rejuvenates the human being and incrases excellence and love.

“Param Dharm” removes all the distress of the person and persuades the annoyed nature. All the living and dead being of the place, where the recitation, hearing and contemplation of “Param Dharm” is done, get filled with divine powers.