“ Param Dharm ”

Param Dharm - a ruling

Param Dharm is a ruling of god which governs the saints by Dharm, increases their santatva & leads them to the state of yogi. It is the simplest way for the saints to express themselves by their (their souls’) victory over their mind.

“Param Dharm” is not preaching but it is the order given by the God to their children. Following the order takes children closer to God. But violation of the order causes trouble for them.

Today, not only the life of human being but all livng beings is crawling with unbearable sufferings. People feel so much disappointed that they often question “why do we live life?”

Mind has been stuffed with extreme disorders. Their spirits have been burdened so deep under these mental disorders that they have not been able to see or feel themselves (who they are i.e. the soul). When they are not even able to feel themselves then expressing themselves is impossible. Due to not having the vision of themselves (their souls), for a long term, people now have started to consider themselves only a perfect combination of body & mind and began to live according to the order of their mind. They behave like a slave of their mind. Mind always wants to sink into the muck, that’s why minds are constantly growing nasty thinkings.

“Param Dharm” is the mandatory ruling on mind by the God. It gives mind a straightforward order so that mind gets afraid of bad habits. The soul, which has been defeated & burdened by mind, blossoms as parmatma has come to rescue her. Mind gradually gives up all the misconduct because of “Param Dharm” (god’s ruling). As the mind gets clear, the soul becomes powerful. The person starts realising himself, he (his soul) starts expressing himself and the state of yogi begins.

“Param Dharm”, means the mandatory ruling of god, rescues the soul and takes them to the God.