“ Param Dharm ”

Adhyatmik Neta Krishna Mohan Shankar Yogi
Param Digvijay Dal

Param Digvijay DalNational Political Party

The purpose of Param Digvijay Dal is to create such a society in which life, property and respect of people wil be safe.

Ajenda of Param Digvijay Dal

  • Establishment of such a society in which life, respect & property of people be safe.
  • Establishment of a casteless society.
  • The slaughter of innocent animals & birds must be prohibited.
  • The government income of every financial year must be equally distributed to every citizen.
  • End of double taxation.
  • Complete governance of law.
  • The constitutional fundamental duties must be legally enforced on every citizen.
  • Allocation of jobs according to ability.
  • Illegal occupancy must be suppressed.
  • Criminals never be excused from punishment and must be declared guiltless after punishment.
  • There must be one education system for every Indian citizen and double education system must be terminated.
  • Traditional and cottage industries must be respected.
  • Permanent construction must be prohibited on agricultural land.
  • Respect of national games.
  • One time licence.
  • End of retirement system.
  • End of minimum and maximum age limit for jobs.
  • Establishment of a taxless nation.