“ Param Dharm ”

Ath Adhyatmik Sangathan

Ath Adhyatmik Sangathan was founded by Maharshi Ramchandra Yogi. All the activities of ath adyatmik sangathan are operated from Vishisht Dhyan Yog Ashram

Motives of Ath Adhyatmik Sangathan :

  • To establish a spiritual society.
  • To work for the welfare of living beings.
  • To work for the welfare of human beings.
  • To develop the feeling of love in people.
  • To stop the violence.
  • To help weak, exploited, poor, miserable, neglected and helpless people. To make justice easily available to them. Also to make provision for their proper medication, food and employment.
  • To plant fruit trees on the roadsides. And to make arrangement of drinking water at place to place.